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Applications Of PU Products

Industry Bonded Unbonded
Mining, quarrying and civil engineering Rope pulley linings, rotary screen plant rollers, crane wheels, caterpillar truck pads, conveyer belt scraper baldes, momorail vehicle tyres, pump impellers Abrasion resistant strips, hydraulic seals, belt scrapers, cyclone nozzles, rotary mill linings, pump diaphragms, pump impellers
Automobile industry Cellular suspension units, bonnet locator bump stops, heel mats Cellular bearing seals, press tool blocks, grommets, bearings, shock absorber bushes, cellular suspension units, flexible couplings
Textile machinery Knitting machine falling bars, yarn feed rollers, yarn twist rollers, drive rollers Loom pickers, loom buffers, cot rollers, machine couplings
Footwear and shoe manufacture Skiving rollers, stiletto heel tips, heel moulding pads, clamping pads, soling materials Bottom moulding diaphragms, pressure pads, drive rollers, stiletto heel tips, tacking machine buffers
Mechanical handling Hand truck tyres, pallet truck tyres, forklift truck tyres, conveyor rollers, pressure pads Hydraulic seals, pneumatic seals, pneumatic buffers
Other general uses

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