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Wide Range of properties

Here are a few of these reasons why designers choose rubber.

It can be changed over a temperature range from 80”C to +300”C

  • It is available in a wide range of colors
  • It can be electricity insulating, conductive or ant-static
  • It can with stand extremes of weather and outdoor environments indefinitely
  • It can withstand exposure to fuels, oils and chemicals while retaining its properties
  • It can be made flame retardant and self extinguishing, with halogen free & smoke suppressant types available
  • It can maintain tension and compression forces indefinitely for example in seals
  • It is comfortable, adaptable and can accommodate movement, shock, thermal and changes and roughness
  • It can absorb vibration and noise and act as an insulator
  • It can be gas tight and used as a fluid seal or separator
  • It has low thermal conductivity and can be used to reduce heat transfer
  • It has friction properties similar to human skin and is comfortable to grip
  • It can have clean, smooth surface which is non-stick suitable for hygienic applications
  • It is compatible with other engineering materials (e.g. metals, plastics and ceramics) and can be combined with them in many different ways, including bonding.

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