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Rubber Gaskets Manufacturers in India

We manufacture an extensive varietyof gaskets from elastic and silicone composite materials to suit many applications. We hold an enormous stock and follow ISO, Indian standards, DIN and British Standards grade sheet materials or can supply suitable materials at exceptionally reasonable costs.

The term rubber elastic gasket covers an enormous scope of materials for applications, including water, acids, alkalis, liquid fuels and oils. For instance, EPDM Rubber elastic gaskets have incredible water and weather resistance,not much impacted by ozone or ageing, making them ideal for atmospheric and weather sealing applications.

Neoprene® has excellent abrasion and strength propertiesat times; it fails with mediums like ketones or aromatic hydrocarbons. With our experiences, we can guide our customers to the appropriate base material.

Kindly reach out to us if you want assistance and counsel about materials. Our professional group will be happy to assist.

As Rubber gasket manufacturers in Mumbai, India, we try to manufacture the best rubber gaskets to suit our clients' necessities, meaning incongruence is never a worry. We should guarantee that all materials used in our gasket parts are capable of their application. By following a strict quality control schedule and tests, we can keep giving our clients the best rubber gaskets to help their business run efficiently. Mech Spares Some gasket materials are formally ensured as food-safe quality to be employed in a food-centred industry. Some of the designed gaskets have outstanding electrical insulation properties at the same time as remaining squeezable and anti-stick.

Rubber has elastic energy with amazing resilience & hysteresis properties Moreover, it offers great resistance in extreme temperatures due to its exceptional tensile strength, tear strength and compression.

Since 1964, we have been the largest Rubber gaskets manufacturer and Gasket washer manufacturer in Mumbai, India. We also follow International standards and export to the world.