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Thermo Plastic Rubbers (TPRs)

(e.g. Santoprene)

A proprietary brand of EPDM and Polypropylene, readily available in a range of hardnesses. Flame retardant and coloured grades can also be obtained.


  • easy to process
  • reasonable resistance to fuels and oils
  • available in hardnesses ranging from 60° to 99° Shore A


  • limited maximum usable temperature

Actual maximum temperatures depend upon the properties required – only the softer grades are “elastic”. At temperatures over 80°C Santoprene cannot take stress since it softens and creeps, leading to permanent distortion. Other TPRs have even lower softening temperatures. Advice should be sought if the parts are load bearing (significant tension or compression).

Typical Applications

  • Vast range of flexible parts used at room temperature e.g. Gaiters, handles, covers etc.

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