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Specialist Elastomers



Hydrogenated nitrile rubber provides good all round performance at a compound cost between Nitrile and Fluoroelastomer. Its highly saturated main chain provides good resistance against thermal oxidation and chemical attack.


  • good physical properties, including abrasion resistance, at high temperatures
  • good dynamic behaviour and flex cracking resistance at elevated temperatures
  • excellent heat, ageing and ozone resistance
  • outstanding resistance to steam and hot water


  • no inherent flame retardency
  • poor electrical properties
  • unsuitable in contacts with aromatic and polar organic solvents

Typical Applications

  • diaphragms requiring chemical and heat resistance
  • chain tensioners and seals in vehicle engines
  • oil exploration and production


A synthetic rubber designed for more extreme heat and oil resistance applications. Best described as a “super” Nitrile.


  • very good high temperature resistance, up to 150°C
  • good low temperature properties
  • good ozone resistance


  • expensive
  • may require higher cost tooling
  • relatively low physical strength

Typical Applications

  • automotive applications such as fuel systems
  • printing rollers

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