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O rings, also known as an elastomeric ring, is a mechanical gaskets in the shape of a torus or doughnut. It is a loop of elastomer with a round cross-section, designed to be seated in a groove and compressed or squeezed during assembly between two or more parts, creating a seal at the interface. The O-ring may be used in static or dynamic applications where there is relative motion between the parts and the O-ring. Mech Spares O rings are one of the most common seals used in machine design because they are inexpensive, easy to make, reliable, and have simple mounting requirements. They can seal tens of megapascals (thousands of psi) of pressure.

Mech Spares manufactures, O rings from elastomers that are resistant to both temperature extremes and chemicals. Commonly used are polyurethane, nitrile rubber (NBR), fluorocarbon (Viton®), polyamide (nylon), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), and silicone.

O ring commonly used in various applications, including industrial machinery and automotive engines also used in plumbing and hydraulic systems, as well as in pumps and valves.

In static applications, it is used to create a seal between two surfaces that don't move relative to each other. This type of O-ring is typically used in applications such as pipe fittings and flanges. In dynamic applications, It is used to create a seal between two or more surfaces where there is relative motion. This type of O-ring is typically used in applications such as piston seals and rotary shaft seals.

In addition to their sealing properties, it has a number of other benefits. For example, they are easy to install and are often used in applications where frequent disassembly and reassembly are required. They are also relatively inexpensive, making them a good choice for applications where cost is an issue.

Different Types

Standard O rings: It is the most common type of O rings, available in a massive range of sizes and can be used in various applications. It assure that O rings are made from elastomers and are the most cost-effective option, as they can be reused multiple times.

Quadring: This type of O ring is designed to provide superior sealing performance in applications that require high pressure. Quadrings are made from elastomers and feature four sealing points, which provide a more secure seal than standard O rings.

V-ring: This type of O ring is designed with a V-shaped cross-section, which provides superior sealing performance in applications various a precise fit. V-rings are available in a range of sizes and materials, including elastomers and metals.

X-ring: This type of O ring is designed with an X-shaped cross-section, which provides superior sealing performance in high-pressure applications. Mech X-rings are available in multiple sizes and materials, including elastomers and metals.

Overall, there are four main types of Mech spare O rings: standard O rings, Mech quad-rings, Mech V-rings, and Mech X-rings. Each type of O ring offers its own unique benefits, making them suitable for various applications. Selecting the right type of O ring for your application, is important, as it will ensure a secure, reliable seal.

Materials used in Rubber O rings

Rubber O rings use various elastomers forvarious applications, including automotive, medical, plumbing, and industrial engineering.

Rubber is the most common material used for elastomeric O rings, and has been used for sealing and controlling fluids for over a century. Rubber is a natural polymer derived from the sap of rubber trees, and is composed of various materials, including carbon black, sulphur, oils, and waxes. Rubber is a highly versatile material, and can be compounded to produce various properties,comprising hardness, resilience, and tear strength.

Silicone is a synthetic elastomeric material composed of silicon and oxygen atoms and is commonly used in medical and food-grade applications. Silicone is highly resistant to temperature extremes and can withstand temperatures ranging from -100°F to 500°F. Silicone O rings offer greater flexibility and resilience than rubber and are often used in dynamic applications where there is high pressure and vibration.

Viton® is a highly specialised fluoroelastomer designed for use in extreme temperatures and harsh environments. Mech SparesViton® O rings are highly resistant to chemicals, oils, and fuels, and can withstand temperatures ranging from -15°F to 400°F. Our offered Viton® O rings are commonly used in automotive and industrial applications.

EPDM is a synthetic rubber composed of ethylene, propylene, and a diene monomer. Our EPDM O rings are highly resistant to weathering, ozone, and chemicals, and can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°F to 300°F.Mech Spares EPDM O rings are often used in outdoor applications and are ideal for sealing hot water systems and radiators.

We recognise that O rings are an essential component of any system that requires sealing and controlling of fluids. The variety of materials available to choose from allows designers to select the one that best meets the needs of the application. Rubber, silicone, Viton®, and EPDM are the most common materials used for elastomeric O rings, and each has its own unique properties and advantages that make them suitable for different applications.

What is the importance of Mech Spares O rings?

They are an essential component of any machinery, device, or system. These small yet versatile components create seals, prevent leaks, and hold various parts of machines and systems together.

The importance of our rubber O rings is due to the fact that these components are used in a wide variety of applications. As such, the right O rings must be chosen for the specific application in order to ensure the proper functioning of the device or system. We produce high-quality O rings that are able to withstand the rigours of the specific application.

In addition, it can also provide quick and efficient service. In many industries like the shipping industry, downtime can be extremely costly and detrimental to a business.

Standard O Rings

MECH SPARES offers the seal industry's most considerable stock of O-rings, with sizes ranging from inside Diameter from (0.814mm to 2500 mm), Outside Diameter from 2.18mm to 2550 mm, and cross sections (widths) 1 mm to 15 mm. We manufacture regular and non-regular sizes of O rings. As per our stock record, the highest quantities were about 300,000,000 pieces in our stock to cater to customers’ emergencies. We intend to service the clients and maintain considerable inventory to ensure immediate delivery. Our automatic ERP provides the stock of the O rings. We are rubber O Rings manufacturers in India. Our strength is a complete solution of O ring application, including designing the O rings and their grooves and selecting the base materials.

Since 1964 we have been manufacture O rings in Mumbai, India, catering to customers worldwide. We follow ISO, IS, DIN, and BS standards. Our strength is AS568, JIS, G, JIS, P, JIS, S, and metric sizes.

Improved on Reference Simple to Request:

Our Speedy Reference Guide has all the data you want initially. All rubber O ring sizes are numbered from smallest to largest with inside Dia (I.D.). Standard AS-568B Uniform Numbering Framework.

Selection of Seven Materials as Standard:

We have O rings rubber mixtures and choices of Durometer hardness to ensure we cover all the applications. Check with us for other material requirements.

Fastest Distribution on O-Rings:

We maintain around 300,000,000 pieces in our warehouse. Quick shipments. (Keep in mind - you purchase directly from MECH Rubber.)

General Applications

O-Rings from MECH Rubber are available in a choice of seven basic materials each in a range of optional Durometer (Shore A) Hardnesses. Other materials available upon request.

Buna-N (Nitrile):

In the Buna-N (Nitrile) family, you will find compounds appropriate for inert-to-oil applications of various types.


In the Ethylene-Propylene family, it is most suitable for atmospheric resistance. They are mainly used for outdoor climatic and seawater applications. Most widely manufactured for low torque drive belts.


The Silicone family manufactured compounds for high-temperature applications, including engine oil resistance sealing systems.

Cast Polyurethane:

In the Cast Polyurethane family, compounds aremanufactured predominantly for high fluid-driven pressure applications and situations where exceptionally pushed parts are likely to wear.


In the Neoprene® family, you will find compounds that are the superior fixing materials for the refrigeration business,includingresistance to ammonia and Freon®..


Compounds are ideal for airplane motors, automotive fuel handling systems, and most vacuum applications with wide ranges in the Fluorocarbon family.


Fluorosilicone compounds are the most suitable for aerospace and auto fuel emission control systems. All materials are mixed under strict quality control for consistency of physical properties and to surpass Government, Military, Space Program, Automotive, F.D.A., Industrial and Commercial specifications.

Metric Size Range

A wide range of Standard British, Swedish, and German Metric ‘O’ Rings India are available in cross sections from 1.5 to 15mm and inside diameters from 3 to 1680mm.

Cross Section Inside Diameter Range
1.5 mm 3 mm to 150 mm
1.6 mm 3 mm to 380 mm
2.0 mm 2 mm to 396.0 mm
2.4 mm 3 mm to 469mm
2.5 mm 4 mm to 568.0 mm
3.0 mm 5 mm to 998.0 mm
3.5 mm 8 mm to 1612 mm
4.0 mm 9mm to 384 mm
5.0 mm 15 mm to 1219.0 mm
5.7 mm 35 mm to 987.3 mm
8.4 mm 114 mm to 1680mm

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