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O Rings manufacturers

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MECH SPARES offers the seal industry's most considerable stock of O-rings, with sizes ranging from Inside Diameter from 0.814mm) to 2500 mm, Outside Diameter from 2.18mm to 2550 mm, and cross sections (widths) 1 mm to 15 mm. We manufacture regular and non-regular sizes of O rings. As per our stock record, the highest quantities were about 300,000,000 pieces in our stock to cater to customers’ emergencies. We intend to service the clients and maintain considerable inventory to ensure immediate delivery. Our automatic ERP provides the stock of the O rings. We are rubber O Rings manufacturers in India. Our strength is a complete solution of O ring application, including designing the O rings and their grooves and selecting the base materials.

Since 1964 we have been O rings manufacturers in Mumbai, India, catering to customers worldwide. We follow ISO, IS, DIN, and BS standards. Our strength is AS568, JIS, G, JIS, P, JIS, S, and metric sizes.

Improved on Reference Simple to Request:

Our Speedy Reference Guide has all the data you want initially. All rubber O ring sizes are numbered from smallest to largest with inside Dia (I.D.). Standard AS-568B Uniform Numbering Framework.

Selection of Seven Materials as Standard:

We have O rings rubber mixtures and choices of Durometer hardness to ensure we cover all the applications. Check with us for other material requirements.

Fastest Distribution on O-Rings:

We maintain around 300,000,000 pieces in our warehouse. Quick shipments. (Keep in mind - you purchase directly from MECH Rubber.)

General Applications

O-Rings from MECH Rubber are available in a choice of seven basic materials each in a range of optional Durometer (Shore A) Hardnesses. Other materials available upon request.

Buna-N (Nitrile):

In the Buna-N (Nitrile) family, you will find compounds appropriate for inert-to-oil applications of various types.


In the Ethylene-Propylene family, it is most suitable for atmospheric resistance. They are mainly used for outdoor climatic and seawater applications. Most widely manufactured for low torque drive belts.


The Silicone family manufactured compounds for high-temperature applications, including engine oil resistance sealing systems.

Cast Polyurethane:

In the Cast Polyurethane family, compounds aremanufactured predominantly for high fluid-driven pressure applications and situations where exceptionally pushed parts are likely to wear.


In the Neoprene® family, you will find compounds that are the superior fixing materials for the refrigeration business,includingresistance to ammonia and Freon®..


Compounds are ideal for airplane motors, automotive fuel handling systems, and most vacuum applications with wide ranges in the Fluorocarbon family.


Fluorosilicone compounds are the most suitable for aerospace and auto fuel emission control systems. All materials are mixed under strict quality control for consistency of physical properties and to surpass Government, Military, Space Program, Automotive, F.D.A., Industrial and Commercial specifications.

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Metric Size Range

A wide range of Standard British, Swedish, and German Metric ‘O’ Rings India are available in cross sections from 1.5 to 15mm and inside diameters from 3 to 1680mm.

Cross Section Inside Diameter Range
1.5 mm 3 mm to 150 mm
1.6 mm 3 mm to 380 mm
2.0 mm 2 mm to 396.0 mm
2.4 mm 3 mm to 469mm
2.5 mm 4 mm to 568.0 mm
3.0 mm 5 mm to 998.0 mm
3.5 mm 8 mm to 1612 mm
4.0 mm 9mm to 384 mm
5.0 mm 15 mm to 1219.0 mm
5.7 mm 35 mm to 987.3 mm
8.4 mm 114 mm to 1680mm

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O Rings manufacturers in India

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