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Diaphragms Manufacturers in Mumbai
Diaphragms Manufacturers in India
Rubber Diaphragms Manufacturers

We are Rubber Diaphragms manufacturers in Mumbai, India. Mech Rubber diaphragms act as a seal to separate two gases, liquids, or maybe gas and liquid. Diaphragms ensure that substances do not blend. We manufacture Diaphragms from a wide range of raw rubber materials.

We are the only Rubber Diaphragms manufacturers in India to use such a wide range.

Diaphragm application requires flexibility; hence rubber being amorphous & elastic in nature, is the best suitable raw material.

Our manufactured diaphragms are flexible rubber layers, often reinforced with different types of fabric depending on the application, positioned to avoid unwanted transfer of substances between two places. While we use only rubber to manufacture the diaphragms, they are called homogenous rubber diaphragms. We use only a compression molding process to get the best quality and dispersion of thin skin membranes. Injection molding and transfer molding will have limitations in creating the thin membrane.

Being Rubber diaphragm manufacturers, we give much importance to application. We need to know the pressure of the application. This helps us to decide the need for reinforced fabric. Generally, anything less than five psi doesn’t require fabric reinforcement. Pressure between 5 and 10 psi sometimes needs fabric reinforcement, but we still consider other factors like temperature, stroke, etc.

Anything above ten psi requires fabric reinforcement. Being Rubber diaphragm manufacturers in Mumbai, we have set up laboratories in nearby locations. With the testing reports, we decide the type of fabrics like cotton, polyester, aramid, and Kevlar. The fabric is sandwiched between two layers of rubber sheeting, often, the fabric slides out of the sheeting and land in the wrong place, but we ensure control effectively in compression molding. Fabric offers toughness and stability to the diaphragm. Hence selecting suitable the right fabric and manufacturing process is vitally important. Our experience has helped us save the rubber and fabric while manufacturing.

Rubber diaphragms are fastened between two places and are also expected to seal around the edges to prevent any transfer of gas or liquid. Being Rubber diaphragms manufacturers in India of the bigger diameter diaphragms, we make designs on edges with an O ring type of protruded solid gripping and sealing surrounded. Rubber diaphragms are sufficient for sealing, and no additional seals are generally required. We try to offer the most cost-effective solutions. Other seals also can disturb the pressure balance.

The Mech rubber diaphragm is considered a dynamic sealing system. They are designed to flex continuously on both sides, front and back.

Rubber diaphragms have many applications but are often used in different pressure environments. Besides low fluid permeability and the capability to stretch from all sides, Mech-manufactured rubber diaphragms perform as a sealing solution while dealing with a consistent pressure variance.

One of the Fabric-reinforced compression molded diaphragm applications we have designed and manufactured in different geometrical molded designs for air cylinders for pneumatic braking systems application. Considering the level of the braking pressure and the stroke length, we have classified into three design series for different types of cylinders known as diaphragm-based cylinders, diaphragm with spring-loaded cylinders, and diaphragm with tri-stop cylinders. The diaphragm application is almost similar for all three cylinder types.

Mech Rubber diaphragms manufactured in Mumbai, also known as chemical seals or gauge guards. The application is to protect a process of liquids or fluids from the pressure sensor.

Some of the applications are:

• Air-bearing applications within the Pneumatic systems where minor variations in pressures are required to be eliminated

• Pure water machines must be protected from contamination via contact with metal surfaces of the pressure sensors, like brass leaching into ultra-pure water

We use the following raw rubbers for manufacturing Rubber diaphragms depending on the parameters of applications like temperature, pressure stroke, etc:


Nitrile (NBR)



Natural Rubber

Please feel free to contact us for any further clarifications.

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