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Fluorocarbon rubber is a synthetic elastomer member of the fluorocarbon family of polymers. It is a high-performance material with excellent resistance to various chemicals and temperatures, superior mechanical properties, and a low compression set. Mech spares Viton Rubber products manufacturers have designed and developed for various industries for various products, from O-rings and gaskets to seals and hoses.

Fluorocarbon rubber is made by combining fluorinated vinylidene fluoride (VF2) with other monomers, such as tetrafluoroethylene (TFE). This combination creates a unique material with excellent chemical and temperature resistance and superior mechanical properties. Fluorocarbon rubber is highly resistant to petroleum-based fluids, oils, fuels, lubricants, and hydrocarbons, making it an ideal material for various industrial applications.

Mech spares Fluorocarbon rubber products in various automotive, chemical processing, aerospace, and medical industries. In the automotive industry, Fluorocarbon rubber is often used for O-rings, gaskets, seals, and many tailored components. Fluorocarbon rubber's superior chemical and temperature resistance make it ideal for automotive applications, where it is exposed to various fluids, temperatures, and pressures. It is also used in chemical processing applications, where its superior chemical resistance makes it ideal for contact with various corrosive liquids and gases.

Mech spares have contributed to the aerospace industry, using Fluorocarbon rubber for seals and O-rings in aircraft engines and fuel systems. Seals provide a tight seal between two surfaces, preventing leakage of fluids or gases. Fluorocarbon rubber's superior temperature and chemical resistance make it ideal for use in these applications, where it is exposed to extreme temperatures and pressures. Mech spares also developed compounds of Fluorocarbon rubber in medical applications, often used for seals and O-rings in medical equipment and devices. Its superior chemical and temperature resistance make it an ideal material for contact with various medical fluids and gases. Fluorocarbon rubber is resistant to chemicals and has low friction levels, making it ideal for medical components. This makes it ideal for insulation in medical equipment and other applications.

Mech spares manufacture Fluorocarbon rubber products in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are available in sheets, strips, tubes, and other shapes. Mech spares can custom mould Fluorocarbon rubber products to any desired shape and size for various applications. It is also available in various colours, allowing product customisation to meet the application's specific needs.

Mech spares have developed Fluorocarbon rubber as an excellent choice for various applications due to its superior chemical and temperature resistance, mechanical properties, and low compression set.

Fluorocarbon rubber products are synthetic rubber products made from polymers containing fluorine and carbon atoms. These products are highly resistant to oils, chemicals, heat, and extreme temperatures. They are used in various applications, ranging from industrial seals to medical devices, and have earned a reputation as one of the most reliable and durable rubber products.

Fluorocarbons are long-chain molecules containing carbon and fluorine atoms. They are highly hydrophobic, repel water and other liquids, and are incredibly resistant to chemicals, heat, and extreme temperatures. This makes them an ideal material for various industrial products and medical devices.

Fluorocarbon rubber products are incredibly durable and reliable. They can withstand extreme temperatures and pressure, making them ideal for high-performance applications. They are also resistant to oils and chemicals, making them suitable for various industrial and medical applications.

Mech spares have contributed to the pharmaceutical and medical industries, as they are frequently used as medical components, such as catheters, stents, and implants.

Mech spares Fluorocarbon rubber products manufacturer is essential in the modern world. Mech spares have developed a highly versatile material that has a wide range of uses and applications. As such, Mech spares have a complete understanding of the different types of Fluorocarbon rubber and how to use them effectively to produce quality products. Mech spares have been used in applications for extreme temperatures, resistance to chemicals, and solvents. It is also very durable and can withstand a wide range of pressures. Thus, it is a material of choice for many manufacturers in various industries.

When it comes to sealing, Mech spares fluorocarbon rubber products are invaluable. Fluorocarbon rubber can be used to create gaskets and seals that are resistant to extreme temperatures, chemicals, and other damaging elements. The material is often used to create seals and gaskets for automotive engines and other parts that must be protected from the elements. Fluorocarbon rubber is also used to manufacture products such as O-rings, grommets, and other components used in various industries.

Fluorocarbon rubber is an excellent choice for manufacturers because of its superior qualities. It is highly resistant to temperatures ranging from -20 degrees Celsius to +200 degrees Celsius. It is also resistant to various chemicals, including oil, gas, and acids. The material is also highly resistant to abrasion and has a low compression set. This makes it an ideal material for many applications, such as seals, gaskets, and O-rings.

Fluorocarbon rubber also has excellent electrical insulation properties. This makes it ideal for Mech spares for electrical components and wiring. It is also resistant to UV radiation, meaning it can be used outdoors without fear of damage from the sun's rays. Fluorocarbon rubber is very flexible and can be moulded into various shapes and sizes. This makes it an excellent choice for Mech spares required to create custom product parts.

Mech spares ensure that their products meet all applicable standards and regulations. This includes ensuring that the material used is of the highest quality, is resistant to the environment it will be used in and can stand up to the application's demands.

Mech spares have understood its properties and how to use it properly to produce quality products. By understanding the different types of Fluorocarbon rubber and how to use them effectively, Mech spares have ensured that its products meet the highest standards and regulations. This helped them create reliable and durable products, thus ensuring customer satisfaction and a successful business.

The importance of Mech Spares as fluorocarbon rubber products manufacturers is evident. They provide products that can be used in various industries, from automotive to aerospace and even medical. Not only do they provide products that can withstand extreme temperatures and chemicals, but they also provide highly flexible items that can be used to create intricate shapes and components. This makes them an invaluable asset to modern industry and one that should be noticed.


Synthetic rubber with a wide temperature range and outstanding resistance to weathering. Characterised by clean, smooth appearance with good flexibility.


  • wide temperature range
  • extremely good resistance to weathering
  • excellent electrical properties
  • good resistance to oils
  • easily coloured
  • low level of toxicity


  • not a very strong material
  • poor resistance to fuels
  • expensive compared to other rubbers

Typical Applications

  • anywhere where complete resistance to weather/fluids is required
  • electrical applications

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