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Designing For Minimum Costs

Rubber Application Designers

While every component is designed to fulfil a unique set of operational requirements, there are a number of common principles which will reduce the time and cost of obtaining an economic component. Many of these are self-evident, but some require an understanding of the differences between moulding thermoset rubber and moulding plastics. We have utmost data on Rubber Design Standards. We have developed Electric Rubber mat in accordance with IS 15652 standards. We also have been following DIN, ISO, ASTM & IS Rubber design standards. Our rubber seal rings has been tested on AS 14000. Our Electric mats are tested up to 40 Kv on IS 15652.

If we know the applications then we can design the products at much lower possible costs. Hence effective communication can play vital role here.

Producing A Specification

Designers are strongly advised to consider and record a specification covering the following points:

  • What operating conditions are expected – normally and exceptionally?
  • What substances will be encountered?
  • What will be the likely material? (See: Selecting / Specifying Rubber)
  • Will there be any movement or distortion?
  • What are the price targets? Are there any tool cost constraints?
  • What colour should the component be?
  • What finish is required?
  • What quality standards will it have to meet?
  • How many are likely to be required?
  • Where are tool split lines preferred and is a level of flash permissable (define width & height)?

A specification is invaluable in selecting a suitable material for trials, as well as being a sound basis for producing parts which are safe and economic by design. Over-specification may lead to the use of an expensive polymer, an inappropriate tool or unnecessarily costly processing.

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