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Fabric Bellows Manufacturers

Fabric Bellows Manufacturers

Mech Spares have been developing the fabric bellows for different applications. We are one of the world leaders in designing fabric bellows.

We are the Fabric Bellows manufacturer in Mumbai, India. We can provide the best solution for most applications, including varying temperature ranges from – 40C° to 1000C°. We can manufacture the bellows for self-extinguishing, Flame retardant, fireproof, oil, coolant and chemical resistance, anti-abrasive applications and possess long shelf life. We have the expertise for some of the machine tools applications whereby bellows offer chip protection. We have a regular production for applications like high-speed cutting technology, laser beam protection, aggressive grinding coolants and moving-column machines.

Since 1964, we have been largest Fabric Bellows manufacturers in Mumbai, India. We also follow International standards and export to the world.

We adopt the new technology, and the designs bellow are vastly superior to traditional products. They can be custom created to satisfy and surpass customers' specifications.

Mech Spares fabric bellows units' slogan is to design and manufacture the bellows to guard customers environmentally and economically. We understand that customers and employees can be much more productive with a securer and more hygienic workplace. We look for new technology instead of conventional ways to ensure improvements. Our customers believe they can rely on us for professional, individualized solutions to protect their machinery from hazardous materials such as dust, chips, weld splatter and fluids.

For a while, we have been one of India's leading Fabric Bellows Manufacturers. Please Contact us for more information.

Thermally Bonded Bellows

Single and robust construction with rigidity to provide a protected cover that holds its uniform constitution even in the long run. PVC stiffeners behave as toughened and thermally bonded to individually fold material to give pure aesthetics, improving the materialisation of products and machinery.

Linear Guide Bellows

Mech Spares has developed a stock of linear guide bellows for commonly used linear rails. Further, We also have some unique designs for tight retracted length situations and long extended-length applications. Often such bellows are also used in high temperatures, and Mech spares, a fabric bellows manufacturer in Mumbai, India, also has standard temperature bellows within the range.

Stainless Steel Plated Bellows

Stainless steel bellows are robust to protect against splatter hot chips, welding, and heavy chip loading. The application makes hostile and extreme environments. Mech spares ensure to load of the steel with the loaded springs to every fold of standard bellows on one or multiple sides. The steel dishes force the debris off the adjacent steel plate, averting residue from reaching the bellows beneath. Horizontal applications perform competently with set plates, and we use the hinged plate design to optimise vertical applications.

Stitched Bellows

Mech spares have designed the Stitched bellows for severe environments. Stitched Bellows can tolerate extreme temperatures, increased abrasion and closed compression. Mech Spares refines with chemically ministered thread for the most increased level of implementation. Depending on the application, Mech Spares uses rigid PVC reinforcements. Mech Stitched Bellows are a cost-effective solution. Due to its limitation on liquid sealing, it is not liquid-proof. It is a labour-intensive design.

Polygonal Laminate Bellows

Polygonal laminate bellows are available in almost any shape, and further, they are attractive and practical bellows made in horizontal and vertical systems. They have aesthetically established designs. The bellow material selection matched with different internal materials, and their divisional structure allows for easy replacement in the case of damaged sections. At times we enhanced with gliders and or stern PVC mount. Polygonal laminate bellows can operate in atmospheric temperature and humidity circumstances.

Disk Rubber Bellows

Disk rubber Bellows are quality protective coverings for spindles and pistons. The rubber disks are pressed out and vulcanized for added toughness and elasticity. External applications require Disk rubber bellows. They can be used for most regular and external applications. Nitrile & EPDM rubber covers for oil or coolant protection. And alternative materials for high-temperature applications. They are robust.

Moulded Bellows

We use the moulding process to produce a wide diversity of profilesand sizes. Moulded bellows are designed to be inert to alkalis, acids, dust and water. They are manufactured in large quantities.

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