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Mech Spares real strengths remains in the development of custom bellows. We are a world leader in the design and manufacture of bellows; we are capable of providing the best possible solution for your application. Our materials has excellent physical properties like, temperature resistance from – 40C° to 1000C°, self-extinguishing, Flame retardant, Fire proof, oil, coolant and chemical resistant, anti-abrasive, long shelf life etc…. We have expertise in chip protection, high speed cutting technology, laser beam protection, aggressive grinding coolants and moving-column machines. Fabric bellows manufacturers in Mumbai, India to supply entire world fabrics bellows industry since 1964 as per the ISO standards with reliable and durable features.

With our new technology and designs bellows are vastly superior to products manufactured with traditional methods. They can be custom designed to meet and exceed your specifications.

Mech Spares fabric bellow divisions motto is to design and rubber bellows manufacture the products to protect customers economically, environmentally, and most importantly, employees can be even more productive, with a safer and cleaner workplace. We have adopted new technology instead of traditional methods to exceed expectations.

Our customers believe that they can rely on us for professional, individualized solutions to protect their machinery from hazardous materials such as dust, chips, weld splatter and fluids.

We are one of the leading Fabric Bellows Manufacturer in India. Please Contact us for more information.

Thermally Bonded Bellows

Single construction and firm rigidity provide a secure cover that maintains its uniform shape even in long runs. It is also reinforced with PVC stiffeners that are thermally bonded to each fold of material to give a clean aesthetics, which will enhance the emergence of products and machinery.

Linear Guide Bellows

Mech Spares has designs and also stock of linear guide bellows for commonly used linear rails. We also have some of the special designs for tight retracted length situations as well as long extended length applications. This has been designed in standard or high temperature materials.

Stainless Steel Plated Bellows

Stainless steel bellows protect against welding splatter hot chips, and heavy chip loading. It is designed for hostile and/or extreme environments. Spring-loaded steel plates are mounted to every fold of conventional bellows, on one side or multiple sides. The steel plates push the debris off of the adjoining steel plate avoiding debris from contacting the bellows beneath. Horizontal applications work best with fixed plates and vertical applications are optimized with the hinged plate design.

Stitched Bellows

Mech Spares designed stitched bellows for severe environments. They can handle extreme temperatures, high abrasion and tight compression applications. Mech Spares uses the best chemically treated thread for the highest level of performance, Stitched bellows can be combined with rigid PVC reinforcement. They are economical solution, but it has limitation of not being liquid proof. It’s a labour intensive design.

Polygonal Laminate Bellows

Polygonal laminate bellows are aesthetically proven designs because they are available in almost any shape, and further they are attractive and practical bellows made in horizontal and vertical systems. The bellow material selection can be matched with different interior materials, and their divisional design allows for easy replacement in the case of impaired sections. It can be enhanced with, gliders and /or rigid PVC reinforce. Polygonal laminate bellows can operate in ambient temperature and humidity conditions.

Disk Rubber Bellows

This bellows are of high quality protective covers for pistons and spindles. The rubber disks are pressed out and vulcanized for added toughness and elasticity. They can be used for most regular and external applications. We recommend Nitrile & EPDM rubber covers for oil or coolant protection. We suggest alternative material for high temperature applications. They are robust in nature.

Moulded Bellows

We use moulding process to produce a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Moulded bellows are designed to resist alkalis, acids, dust and water. They are produced in large quantities.

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